Seeking a job or staff members? Locum Co is the way to go

Armed with more than thirty years of experience in staffing solutions, Locum Co is the way to go for Pharmacist jobs. Operating Australia-wide, we are committed to delivering premium personnel and quality client services. Leading the way as a Pharmacist job recruitment company, we utilise careful and precise criteria to match staff with the right type of role for them and to suit your business requirements. Short and long-term requirements are catered for whether it be for a hospital or community-based pharmacy and we come highly-recommended with skilled personnel available for your needs. We recruit staff members who are experienced and deliver quality performance from store members such as dispensary technicians, Pharmacy Assistants, Cosmeticians, beauty experts and retail store Managers and of course Pharmacists. Find your next Pharmacist job with Locum Co. The business owner, Sue Muller is a Pharmacist herself and knows the industry well, committed to recruiting and providing expert personnel. Winner of the Telstra NSW Australian Government Micro Business Award in 2005, Sue has steadily grown the business to be what it is today; the dedication has paid off with an established and highly-recommended business tailored to suit the needs of Community and Hospital Pharmacies with Pharmacist jobs and other related roles.

The advantages of Locum Co for your Pharmacist Jobs

Whether you are a Pharmacy or a Pharmacist and other Pharmacy staff, Locum Co is here to help. Having our business assist you in providing highly-experienced personnel which we have carefully assessed prior to recruitment is advantageous because you don’t have to seek out the right person for the role; we have done that already for you. We specialise in Pharmacists from newly-registered to Managers and Partners) but we don’t stop with Pharmacist jobs; our plethora of staff include Retail Managers, Health Hero’s, Stock Controllers, Dispensary Technicians, Alternative Therapies and Vitamins Specialists, Cosmeticians and general Pharmacy retail staff. You can make the most of Locum Co by communicating with your consultant and they will liaise with you to assess your requirements and identify the optimum staffing solution. An additional benefit is that you pay the staff directly and Locum Co will invoice you for our service. With a database of over nine thousand Pharmacists and support staff, we are well-equipped to match the right person for your needs. We advertise your position through all our channels including the website, Facebook page, Twitter account and weekly job bulletins. We can be sure to fill the role as quickly as possible and smoothly with minimal fuss. If you are a job seeker, Pharmacist jobs and a vast number of other roles are accessible to you through Locum Co and an advantage is that we negotiate the terms on your behalf so you can be confident in the gaining the right role with the right rewards.

Gaining that role that suits you and the business

Locum Co not only recruits expert candidates and fills the roles for Hospitals and Community-based Pharmacies but offers additional services to help you find the right match. For job seekers of Pharmacist jobs or other related roles, Pinstripe Solutions can cater for your needs. We help prepare you for the role you are seeking as you may be an expert in your field but gaining interviews and resume writing is a different task to achieve. Kirsty Ferguson runs the resume writing and interview coaching side of things with Locum Co; armed with five years specialist Pharmacy recruitment experience and twenty-five years in Human Resources, Recruitment and Business Management, Kirsty is an integral part of the Locum team. As a job seeker, you might not be entirely familiar with what sort of expertise and attributes that Pharmacy employers are seeking but with Pinstripe Solutions’ Interview Preparation, you can identify your qualities to match with their criteria. We provide a resume template service and interview coaching to help you gain your Pharmacist job or other related role. These include Store Assistants, Dispensary Technicians, Graduate Pharmacists and Pharmacy Managers. Where you want to go with your career, Locum Co is ready and able to help you achieve your goals or if you’re a Pharmacy seeking a suitable staff member, we can match you with the right candidate.