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Using  Technology with pharmacy locums to increase accessibility and communication

I really enjoyed talking to Scott Carpenter, on the Pharmacy View Podcast about all things technology in the Pharmacy Recruitment world.

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Pharmacy Daily 30032020

How To Find (And How To Be) The Ultimate Locum Pharmacist – with Sue Muller

– a person who stands in temporarily for someone else of the same profession

Locum pharmacy isn’t everyone’s cuppa, but it fits the bill for many. When first starting out as a pharmacist, working as a locum is a wonderful way to gain a wealth of experience in different working cultures and with different systems and processes.... <Click here to read more>


Success Story Sue Muller

Sue Muller is a registered pharmacist and the founder and director of LocumCo, Australia’s premier pharmacy recruitment and locum agency.  Sue attributes passion, balance and effective use of technology to her on-going success. This culminated in her winning the prestigious Telstra NSW Australian Government Micro Business Award in 2005. Sue is also an avid golfer and loves to travel... <Click here to read more>

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