Sue Muller
Founder, Pharmacist

Sue Muller is a registered Pharmacist and the director of Pharmacy Employment Solution Pty Limited. LocumCo is a national recruitment business in its 37th year, specialising in Community and Hospital Pharmacy.
Being a pharmacist herself, Sue is passionate about the pharmacy industry, and equally as passionate about doing business the right way. Recruitment is about people and you need to nurture relationships as well as provide the best possible service you can.  Sue attributes passion, balance and effective use of technology to her on-going success. This culminated in her winning the prestigious Telstra NSW Australian Government Micro Business Award in 2005. Sue is also an avid golfer and loves to travel.

Asa Tse
Recruitment Consultant - Locums and Permanent

Asa joined LocumCo in 2015 and has been a great addition to our team. She has worked in the Retail Pharmacy industry for over 27 years, with extensive experience in both finance and human resource sectors. She has also worked in large Retail Pharmacy Franchise groups involving Priceline Pharmacy, The Friendly Society Pharmacy Group and other community pharmacies.

Asa’s success in her career is due to her outstanding ability to identify problems and opportunities and initiate effective solutions. Her ability to interact positively with a wide range of people from varying backgrounds, combined with strong leadership and interpersonal skills are a great addition to our team. Asa’s intimate knowledge of the industry places her in an ideal position to fulfill a recruitment role.

Asa understands a business’ needs and can effectively identify high quality candidates that best suit that business. Asa has a passion for matching pharmacies with their ideal candidate to achieve long-term success.

Pushpa Yadav
Recruitment Consultant - Locums

Bringing over a decade of accomplished experience in recruitment, with a notable emphasis on the pharmacy sector,Pushpa stands as a reliable pillar in the company. Her extensive knowledge and versatile background spans multiple industries, and enriches her strategic approach to talent acquisition. Pushpa’s keen ability to discern top-tier candidates, coupled with a commitment to aligning organisational cultures, positions her in driving transformative recruitment outcomes. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, she is primed to deliver unparalleled value to both clients and candidates alike.

Pushpa consistently delivers tailored solutions that drive organisational success. Her expertise ensures that businesses secure the talent necessary to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Huda Omar
Recruitment Consultant - Locums and Permanent
Huda is a registered pharmacist with more than eight years of experience spanning both retail and compounding pharmacy. Since 2021 she has been an integral part of the LocumCo team, specializing in placing locum pharmacists within various pharmacies. As a pharmacist herself, Huda possesses a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by pharmacists and pharmacies. This first-hand experience makes her skilled at her role in pharmacy recruitment. Huda is known for her attention to detail and dedication to facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships. She is driven by a strong desire to see pharmacists and pharmacies thrive and succeed in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.
Catherine B. Realiza
Recruitment Consultant Assistant
I’m a seasoned BPO specialist with 12 years of combined expertise in various domains, including Technical and Customer Care with a focus on chat and email support, Workforce Analysis, Business Development, and Sales. My passion lies in helping businesses thrive and adapt to the ever-changing market landscape. Whether you need technical troubleshooting, exceptional customer care, workforce optimization, strategic business development, or sales growth, I have the skills and experience to make it happen.

I am now a dedicated Virtual Assistant (VA) and proudly affiliated and thrilled to be a part of LocumCo and am here to assist you in reaching your business objectives effectively.
Let’s collaborate with LocumCo to drive your success together!
Sherry Magno
Recruitment Consultant Interns and Pharmacy Staff

Sherry is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in education and recruitment. Formerly a school teacher, she excelled in roles as a class adviser and teacher coordinator, where she not only nurtured young minds but also played a pivotal role in the recruitment of educators. Leveraging her strong interpersonal skills, organizational acumen, and keen eye for talent, Sherry has transitioned her expertise into the healthcare sector. Currently, she applies her comprehensive understanding of recruitment processes to identify and onboard promising candidates for positions as pharmacist interns, pharmacy assistants, and dispensary technicians. With a passion for fostering growth and facilitating career development, Sherry is committed to ensuring the highest standards of excellence in healthcare staffing.

Nicole Cenabre
Social Media Consultant
 I am a Bachelor of Science in Psychology fresh graduate. I was a student leader and member of several school organisations. Picking up skills involving leadership, creative functions and more. I thrive in being able to complete tasks and in helping other people. Offering my services to people in need of my help and knowledge. I am eager in applying my academic background to real-world challenges, and am dedicated to exceling within our company by channeling the same level of dedication and commitment that propelled my success in my academic studies.
Currently working as a Social Media consultant at LocumCo and ready to assist in what is needed to be done.
Mathew Brennan
IT Consultant

Mathew Brennan is a database development expert. Mat began his career in computer programming in the early 2000s initially providing Mac technical support services in a centre on the North Shore of Sydney. Throughout his career he has worked for a diverse range of small and large companies typically focused on small teams and workgroups. This has allowed him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the needs of business, and the importance of streamlining and providing clear information to customers. Matt has had a passion for technology from an early age, spending many hours building things, pulling things apart and putting them back together. In his spare time he enjoys reading about different programming languages and operating systems and strives to always stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing industry. Matt is an invaluable member of the LocumCo team, having developed the database that underpins our work.