Recruiting a professional pharmacist or qualified pharmacy staff for your business is vital. Yet it’s time-consuming, expensive and stressful.

Sometimes, an urgent need to employ a staff member for your pharmacy can lead you to hire someone who is less than ideal, meaning the time invested in reading through hundreds of applications is wasted, as is the money you’ve spent on the recruitment process.

But there is a better way.

LocumCo is a pharmacy recruitment agency that specialises in matching high-quality pharmacists to community-based pharmacies and hospitals throughout Australia, for full-time, part-time, or locum positions.

We also recruit other pharmacy staff including managers, pharmacy assistants, dispensary technicians, and shop staff, so you can have peace of mind that the person you hire is the perfect fit for your business.

We offer a full range of services

We provide a range of pharmacy recruitment services including:

  • pharmacist locum placements
  • permanent placement pharmacists for community, hospital and industry
  • non-pharmacist corporate roles within pharmacy groups
  • pharmacy shop staff such as dispensary technicians, pharmacy assistants, cosmeticians, beauty experts, and retail managers.

In addition, we provide advice and guidance to pharmacists and pharmacy staff during their search for a new role.

No matter what your pharmacy recruitment needs are, we’re here to help.

Our experience

With over 31 years’ experience, we are Australia’s leading pharmacist-owned and operated recruitment company.

We have recruited thousands of high-quality pharmacy staff for pharmacies throughout Australia, including the rural sector, so we know how to select the right pharmacist for your needs.

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We do the hard work for you

We post job opportunities on our website and app, create a shortlist of candidates, sort them based on your criteria, and pre-qualify them for interview. We only recommend highly-qualified, skilled and experienced pharmacists that will fit your position requirements.

Proven track record

For over 30 years, we have been 100% successful in securing locums.

Exclusive management of ELS

Since 2002, we have managed the Emergency Locum Service (ELS), originally on behalf of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, and now on behalf of the Pharmacy Programs Administrator. We can place an emergency locum in your pharmacy within 24 hours of receiving your request.


Finalist Telstra Business Women’s Award 2006, Winner Telstra NSW Small Business Awards 2005


“Thank you very much for coming to the Board to assist the APEC candidates as they commence Stage 1 of the process. Your presentation gave them a good insight into what is required when they are seeking employment. It also helped to increase their self-confidence. Many thanks for being so generous with your skills and your time.”

Elizabeth Frost, President Pharmacy Board of New South Wales