• Date Posted: 25 November 2014
  • Job: 11271
  • Start date: ASAP

As a newly graduated pharmacy student, I am far from being able to claim myself as being experienced in the pharmacy industry. Although I have done a few training programs in the past over the course of my university studies, but they were for a short period of time. This year comes my graduation following with the start of an intern year and I believe it is time for me to ready myself for the possible coming events. The reason that I have been working in a restaurant instead of a pharmacy store is due to my passion for the Japanese culture.I am an honest person and I understand and truly agree with the concept of "I reap what I sow”. I have always strived to achieve the best possible results by giving in the maximum amount of effort, simply because I believe that I will be rewarded for my input of hard work. I applied for this position looking for work. I am willing to give up my weekends and I do not give unnecessary complaints about shift hours, whether it be 6 am in the morning or 6 pm at night. I will not stop wo