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PFI Score Wheel SampleThe days of simply opening the front doors of your pharmacy, and watching patients lining up in front of your dispensary because you offer them the convenience of being located close to home are over. Build it and they will come, only happened in pharmacies 15 years ago.


To succeed in the 21st century, you need to excel in 3 critical areas:

1. Operational Efficiency (Your Money, Your Team, Your Pharmacy)

2. Patient Centric Business Model (Your Patients, Innovation, Your Partners)

3. Smart use of technology (IT Systems, Mobility, Automation)


Find your Pharmacy Freedom Index (PFI) score and discover which ingredients of each area you already have in stock and excel in, and which components need to be injected into your business to optimise your formula for a smarter, more successful 21st century business.


Upon receiving your score, you’ll receive a summary report (based on your responses) that will give you an insight into your current state-of-play in your pharmacy, and tips on what you could do better to improve your pharmacy to achieve financial freedom or a higher valuation exit from your business on your own terms.


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To view a sample report: PFI Report (sample).