Why Women Need A Girl Club

Contribution from Kirsty Ferguson, resume and interview expert


GolfWe’ve all heard of the “The Old Boys School Network” or “The Boys Club”.  Men seem to have nailed the networking idea and actually support each other.  They may not think of it that way, but every time they head to a golf, deep sea fishing or race car driving day under the guise of “client entertainment” they are supporting each other through common interests and building relationships inside and outside the workplace.


Maybe, instead of chastising this behaviour (and come on girls, we all have harangued our husbands for taking off for boys weekends, work related or not) maybe women can learn from this.  There is a lot of media at the moment about women not supporting women, being critical and competitive of each other.  I must say I have come across this in many versions throughout my career as well as personal life.


How is that working for we “working women?” Not so well I hasten to suggest. Not often do I hear stories of encouraged flexibility in the workplace or support for a colleague to stay home if the kids are sick.


There are women’s business networks and yes I belong to a few, but there needs to be a decision on a more basic level by all women to embrace, encourage, support, understand and assist those of our gender.


Perhaps this is a place to start for we females; let’s ask our employees and colleagues what they need to enjoy their role more. What can we do to help each other thrive? This could be something quite simple that you could start implementing now.

I think you will find, as I did in my business, that the rewards are loyalty, work ethic and passion for your business.