The 10 reasons People Really Quit Their Jobs

A great article from RecruitLoop we could not resist sharing:


You might just want to take a seat, since I’m about to share a few facts that may shock you!


  • Nearly 60% of employees are dissatisfied at work and plan to change jobs this year;
  • 65% of them feel that they are not valued in their current role;
  • Nearly 50% of employees would leave their current job for one where they are recognised for their efforts and contributions;
  • 90% of employees rank trust, honesty and fairness as the most valued attributes at work; and
  • Nearly 70% of employees believe businesses aren’t doing enough to create a sense of purpose.


People quit their jobs for a number of reasons and smart companies are prepared for when their people inevitably move on. But if you’re consistently losing your best people and ‘turnover’ is turning into a dirty word, it might be time to have a close look at this enlightening infographic put together by our friends at Redii.


After all, as Mike Myatt – author of Hacking Leadership and Leadership Matters says, “If you fail to care about people at a human level, they’ll eventually leave you, regardless of how much you pay them“.

Redii Infographic