Seeking Pharmacist Jobs?

Hands-on experience is often the best education and working with somebody who has it is worth its weight in gold. With a background as a pharmacist, Sue Muller, founder of LocumCo, knows exactly what is needed in the industry- using her knowledge to bridge the gap in staffing-solutions for hospital and community pharmacies. Winner of the 2005 Telstra NSW Australian Government Micro Business Award, LocumCo has continued to offer staffing solutions across the pharmacy industry in Australia. Her wealth of experience and high level of qualifications has given her the edge when knowing just what is needed to recruit and fill roles in the industry, from pharmacist jobs to other important roles. With a team that values integrity and professionalism, the LocumCo team is proud of our reliable service and respect that we give to our clients. We know our Locums are highly successful, qualified and amazing at what they do but more than that, they are passionate about the work they do. If you are looking for a job in the pharmacy industry, then consider LocumCo. When you work with us a world of opportunities opens and you will have a reputable company on your side, helping you get the industry experience you need. Whether they are pharmacist jobs, pharmacy assistant jobs, dispensary technician or retail manager or anything else that comes, if you have the right attitude and experience, we can help you get the right role to suit you.

Pharmacies Seeking Pharmacists

You can often tell the quality of somebody by who they choose to work with, and that is no different when it comes to companies. Thirty-two years of experience in the industry has led to LocumCo becoming a leader in pharmacy recruitment. Filling seven thousand, two hundred and forty-eight roles along with seven hundred and sixty-nine emergency rural Locums to-date, the numbers speak for themselves. Not only that, there has been a hundred percent satisfaction across the board and that is the reason that prominent industry names like Priceline Pharmacy, Iron Pharmacy Group, Amcal Max, Quality Pharmacy, Cincotta Chemist and Pharmacy Alliance trust LocumCo. Being a leader in the pharmacy recruitment industry, we have been recognised for all our work in pharmacies, hospital and community pharmacies alike. Our reputation for delivering exceptional service and providing excellent staffing solutions for pharmacist jobs and other roles in the industry precedes us. We ensure that all our recruits come with not just a high level of skills and extensive experience, but with a strong passion and work ethic for their job. Providing the most suitably experienced candidates across the board, no matter what role in your pharmacy you need filling, from pharmacist jobs to dispensary technicians, we will be able to provide candidates that will exceed your expectations. Taking great care and effort in our recruiting processes and being passionate about what we do- the results speak for themselves.

Servicing Rural and Remote Areas

Pharmacies play an important role in every community, particularly in rural and remote areas. It is not always easy having a Pharmacist on duty in the community and hospital pharmacies in remote and rural areas, which is why we are committed to servicing these areas. In 2012 LocumCo earnt the national tender to provide emergency locums across the rural and remote areas, filling one hundred percent of all emergency pharmaceutical and pharmacist jobs in these areas. We understand just how important having an available pharmacist can be to a community and just how essential their roles in the medical health services they are. Indispensable part of every community’s health services, it can be the difference between life and death in some situations. Emergency Locum Services is an essential part of the Rural Pharmacy program, which is why when pharmacies are in need, we will have a Locum out there within twenty-four hours to fill the pharmacist job when there is nobody else in the community available. It does not matter what time of the day or what day of the week, there is always somebody contactable and we work to support pharmacies in rural and remote communities through their times of need. Funding the travel cost up to two thousand, five hundred dollars to get the Locum out to where they need to go, we will have the best person for the job in the community’s time of need.