Interviews for Pharmacist Jobs

If you have decided that being a locum is for you, why not consider Pharmacist jobs with Locum Co? The interview will be a rigorous assessment of your skills and experience as Locum Co only hires the best Pharmacists to suit our community and hospital pharmacies. We suggest you come prepared with a set of questions you might have for us and write lots of notes on what you think the interviewer will ask. Questions about your prior experience and career leading up to wanting to become a locum will be asked and the typical interview questions like your strengths and weaknesses will also be asked. Being proficient with computer systems is an advantage in Pharmacist jobs as you need to be able to work the system to dispense medication based on scripts and maintain accurate records. Being a recruitment company for Pharmacist jobs, Locum Co is renowned for hiring top-quality Pharmacists, Dispensary Technicians, Pharmacy Assistants and retail store employees for pharmacies. We interview hundreds of potential Pharmacists and then upon recruitment, we match you as a locum with a community or hospital pharmacy including those in rural and remote areas. It is optimal to do your research on Locum Co and what we do for pharmacies as well as come prepared with your resume reflecting your experience and skillset.

Staged Supply

There are certain guidelines for Pharmacists to follow when it comes to staged supply of medication. What is staged supply you might ask? It is when medication is prescribed to be dispensed in intervals such as weekly supply. Often Pharmacists will utilise Webster or blister packs to supply the medication. Pharmacists are expected to align their dispensing of medication with the National Drug Strategy and support the National Mental Health Strategy. The National Drug Strategy aims to reduce the incidence of harmful drug use or misuse of medication and the National Mental Health Strategy supports people with mental health matters such as illness and medication to manage this. Additionally, staged supply also helps consumers who are homeless or in a shelter where medication can be accessed by other people. Staged supply can help consumers adhere to medication prescriptions on dosage and when to take. Medication that is often used in staged supply includes antipsychotics, antidepressants, sedatives, psychostimulants, hypnotics and opioid analgesics. Pharmacists need to maintain confidentiality and manage patient’s information with sensitivity and for Pharmacist jobs, Locum Co hires the best Pharmacists who understand the nature of dispensing medication with safety as a priority. Staged supply is one such method of potentially ensuring safety with medication dosage.

Being a Locum

Being a locum can be lucrative as it means you have more flexibility in your arrangement for work. Pharmacist jobs with Locum Co are plentiful and using a locum is often prevalent for community and hospital pharmacies who get stuck being a Pharmacist down at different times. Locum Co has a plethora of clients who require Pharmacists and Pharmacist jobs are on the rise during the COVID-19 times. As a specialist recruitment company for locum Pharmacists and other pharmacy roles, Locum Co fills Pharmacist jobs with experts in the industry. Highly-skilled candidates are valued and we match the right person with the pharmacy in need. Communication is an important attribute of a quality Pharmacist or Pharmacy Assistant, Dispensary Technician or retail Store Manager and we strongly-value communication when filling Pharmacist jobs. Being a locum means flexibility and being adaptable is important as you may be changing from one pharmacy to the next depending on their individual requirements. Locum Co can aid locums with travel expenses and only starts charging the pharmacy once the Pharmacist job has been filled with a locum. Locum Co takes the hassle out of pharmacies trying to recruit for Pharmacist jobs and other roles and does the legwork for them. We understand the pressures of running a pharmacy and we endeavour to fulfil roles as soon as possible including in rural and remote areas. We are renowned for filling positions in rural areas and we pride ourselves on our swift response to pharmacy needs.