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Nobody likes job interviews and most people feel they could have performed better.

That’s where Pinstripe Solutions comes in. Pinstripe has a 90% success rate in preparing candidates to gain interviews and then the role. We are specialists in the behavioural interview technique used nationally and internationally by 80% of employers. It’s our job to ensure you are fully prepared to succeed, from on-line application to resume, grooming/presentation and interview.

  • Kirsty Ferguson has 5 years specialist pharmacy recruitment experience
  • She was part of the 2005 Telstra Small Business Awards’ winning team at The Locumco
  • 25 years Human Resources, Recruitment & Business Management experience
  • Kirsty is a communication specialist who has used her industry knowledge to help Pharmacists, Graduates, Managers, Dispensary Technicians & Pharmacy Assistants secure the roles they want nationally and internationally

Individual Resume Templates – $ 149.00

Pinstripe offers specifically tailored Resume Templates for the following roles. Each Resume Template is different.

  • Shop Assistants
  • Dispensary Technicians
  • Graduate Pharmacist
  • Pharmacists/PIC’s
  • Pharmacy Managers

Pharmacy Resume Template Package – $149.00

Each individual Resume Template pack consists of the following materials:

1 x Tailored Resume Template in Word

1 x Resume Template in PDF, example of final lay-out with content suggestions

1 x “How to Rescue your Resume” with tips & hints

1 x “Rules of Negotiation”

PLUS included 15 minutes proof reading & editing by Professional Resume Writer

Answers to all of your resume questions:

    • How do I create a resume when I have been self-employed for years?
    • How do I prepare my referees?
    • What do employers/recruiters look for on the front page?
    • Do I include a photo?
    • How long should my resume be?
    • Should I tailor my resume to the job?
    • What do employers want to see in your resume?
    • Do I need a cover page?
    • Do I include my age?

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