Australian Pharmacy owners have industry specific criteria they look for when hiring new staff.

There is an oversupply of Pharmacists in Australia so arriving 100% prepared for a job interview is critical.

  • Do you know what Pharmacy employers are looking for?
  • Do you know what you have to offer an employer that other candidates don’t?
  • Do you know how to prove easily and effectively why an employer should select you?

Pinstripe Solutions is a specialist Interview Preparation company created by Kirsty Ferguson in 2000 to give pharmacy job seekers industry specific tools that prepare them for success in gaining employment

  • Kirsty has 5 years specialist pharmacy recruitment experience
  • She was part of the 2005 Telstra Small Business Award winning team at LocumCo
  • 25 years Human Resources, Recruitment & Business Management experience

Kirsty is a communication specialist who has used her industry knowledge to help Pharmacists, Graduates, Managers, Dispensary Technicians & Pharmacy Assistants secure the roles they want nationally and internationally.

1. The Pharmacy Interview Success Workbook – $85.50

A 55 page self-coach workbook that answers all of your questions about securing the position you want and prepares you to excel!

Simply purchase the workbook and work your way through to success.

We fully support you via email all the way!

Our proven 4-STEP PROCESS helps you work through:

  • What Behavioural questions and interviewing are.
  • How to recognise each type of question
  • How to put definite structure and process around answering each question
  • How to work out what you have to offer the employer
  • It provides a list of TOOLS or RULES to guide you to communicating clearly and concisely
  • It gives you the information you need in order to make educated decisions about what examples you use to support your statements
  • It tells you how to deal with negative questions and other pitfalls
  • It tells you how to deal with the “Tell me about yourself” question and other open-ended questions
  • It builds your confidence by identifying your unique qualities and experiences
  • Learn how to make a fantastic first impression and build rapport from the first handshake

2. Personal Interview Coaching $239.00 p/hr

One on one coaching tailored specifically to you.

We offer personal Interview Coaching in person or via SKYPE. The coaching session will guide you through every stage of the interview process from verbal communication, presentation and image, first impressions, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, answering difficult questions, self marketing, managing nerves and how to build confidence, employer research and negotiation.

 For more information or to book your Coaching Session, please visit today

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