Costumer Service Is The New Marketing

logoSmallAnother good article from Word Of Mouth Online that we couldn’t resist sharing. Great insights for anyone dealing with customers & patients.


OK, so you love your work and hopefully, you love your customers.

But everyone needs a little reminder of all the important things that customers need to feel the love!  (Or maybe, your staff could benefit from a reminder…)  Don’t forget, dealing with customers is the most important job in any business! So here are 6 Winning Habits for Dealing with Customers on a daily basis. (You can also download the printable version here to pin up somewhere visible!)

1) Smile! If you’re HAPPY, your customers will be too
Remember, you usually get back what you give out and no-one wants to deal with a grump. Be the person that exudes positive energy that everyone else wants to be around. Don’t under-estimate the importance of body language, the tone of your voice, posture, etc.


2) Forget the sale – your purpose is to make THIS customer happy
Take on the challenge of leaving this customer thrilled with their experience. Stop worrying about whether they’ll buy from you and instead, set out to solve their problem and be a friend. (The sales will come, don’t worry.)


3) Give the customer your FULL ATTENTION
Don’t gossip or make the customer feel like they’re interrupting your conversation with your colleague or other work you’d prefer to be doing. Don’t talk about other customers or staff in a way that is anything less than glowing. Instead, focus fully on the customer and their needs.


4) LISTEN carefully
To their needs, to where they’re coming from, to the clues they’re giving you as to what they’re looking for. Don’t assume you know what they want. Play detective and ask the right questions.


5) Assume the WORST
If a customer is grumpy, imagine what could have caused them to be that way. Maybe they’ve just heard some horrible news. Maybe they’re dealing with a bad situation at work or home. Maybe their last service experience was terrible. Whatever you do, don’t reflect that back to them OR conversely be insensitive with over-the-top enthusiasm. Instead, show empathy and compassion and demonstrate that you’ll do all you can to help them.


6) EXPECT to see them again
The end of each transaction is the start of your relationship… so give them a reason to deal with you again.  Make it clear that you’ve enjoyed helping them and talk as if you’ll see them soon.