Benefits of Being with Locum Co

Recruiting a professional Pharmacist or qualified pharmacy staff for your business is vital but it’s time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. Sometimes, an urgent need to employ a staff member for your pharmacy can lead you to hire someone who is less than ideal. This also means that the time invested in reading all the applications is wasted as is the money you’ve spent on the recruitment process. Locum Co is a Pharmacist jobs recruitment agency with over thirty-two years of experience and a one hundred percent rate in filling locum positions that provide highly trained and qualified Pharmacists to clients. We are passionate about what we do. As Australia’s leading Pharmacist owned and operated specialist recruitment company, Locum Co refers only highly recommended and skilled Pharmacists for Pharmacist jobs. We specialize in matching high-quality Pharmacists to community-based pharmacies and hospitals throughout Australia, for full-time, part-time, or locum positions for emergencies and pre-planned leave. We also recruit other pharmacy staff including Managers, Pharmacy Assistants, Dispensary Technicians, stock controllers, beauty advisors, health heroes, cosmeticians, and vitamin specialists other than Pharmacist jobs, so that you can have peace of mind that the person you hire is a perfect fit for the pharmacy. We do all the hard work for you by posting the job opportunities on our website and app, creating a shortlist of candidates, sorting them based on your criteria and pre-qualify them for an interview so that you don’t have to waste your time and resources. We only recommend highly qualified, skilled, and experienced Pharmacists for the Pharmacist jobs that will fit your position requirements. We offer Australia-wide service, including rural areas, to hire the right staff. We also help Pharmacists from all around the country in securing a Pharmacist job. Locums in the medical field can attract lucrative salaries due to the high demand for pharmacists and support staff for pharmacies. The flexibility and versatility of being a locum pharmacist mean you can work as regularly or as little as you wish and take a break when you feel that you need to if you are in between roles. The experience of being a locum Pharmacist means you can become a seasoned Pharmacist learning about different areas of medicine and gaining fresh knowledge of pharmacy operations. With Locum Co, you can achieve success and enjoy working as a locum pharmacist.

Giving Back

Philanthropy is at the core of many businesses and that is no different at Locum Co. We do more than simply provide Pharmacist jobs; we give back as well. The world is becoming increasingly more conscious about making a positive impact as a business. While some businesses understand that it is good for branding, we are in the position to make a positive impact in the world therefore we will take every opportunity to do so. We do the business with purpose and passion through giving back to the community. Every time we provide service to a company and a job seeker, we make a bigger impact across the world. We are the part of the B1G1(Buy 1 Give 1) initiative where when you work with Locum Co, together we will impact the life of a person in need. We all deserve to live well, and have access to basic necessities of food, water, education and healthcare. That’s why giving is part and parcel of our business.

Pharmacies During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic Australians may be required to home-isolate. Hence, we are here to provide some advice for the community Pharmacists to assist patients in home isolation and for physical distancing, and advice for Pharmacists in managing the supply of medicines during the pandemic. To minimise the non-essential contacts with community pharmacies, we recommend offering home delivery services where feasible so that the patient doesn’t need to be present in the pharmacy. For patients with flu-like symptoms, we recommend alternative pickup arrangements from medical practice to the pharmacy where possible. For the pharmacies providing home delivery services, medicines should be packed in plain packaging and the delivery person should be a responsible person delegated by the pharmacist. It is also suggested that the Pharmacist may confirm the patients’ current medication details with the prescriber, or a prescriber may direct a Pharmacist to supply a medicine to a patient in an emergency. For Pharmacist jobs, contact Locum Co today to see if you are a right fit.