5 Secrets to Hiring the Right People

Great blog from Recruitloop this week. Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Leonie Barnett from Media Vision. Her opinions are her own.

bad apple

One of the keys to achieving business success is by hiring quality employees. The right people can make or break any profit-making enterprise, as they are the foundation upon which a company’s profitability depend.


It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch, so much so that a single bad hire could potentially ruin the whole team’s motivation. This will negatively affect productivity, and ultimately, impact the bottom line. However, bringing in the perfect candidate to fill a role in your company is not an easy task. Potential hires that look good on paper do not always guarantee the right fit.

Someone who doesn’t shine during the interview might prove to be a better performer, even when compared to someone else who passes it with flying colors. Finding candidates for the right role goes beyond technical skills or the perfect CV. Other factors must be considered as well.


Here are five ways to help improve your team recruitment efforts moving forward.


1. Maintain a good reputation as an employer.

When you are known as an employer of choice in your industry, it will be that much easier to not only find qualified candidates but to attract the cream of the crop as well.

Good talent are drawn to companies who take care of their employees. Having a competitive compensation package is a good start, but it helps to consider incorporating other attractive perks as well.

For example, working mothers will appreciate a flexible schedule to help them achieve a better work-life balance. Millennials seek employers who offer remote work arrangements, and this can be managed as long as deliverables are produced on time and within budget.


2. Use a structured interview process.

Following a clear set of guidelines during the interview process helps decrease confirmation bias, in which snap judgments are made when making hiring decisions. Despite the interviewer’s best intentions, their innate set of beliefs usually affects the outcome of the interview.

Google uses the same set of questions on every interview session to avoid this trap. They go a step further by allowing an independent committee to review interview results—relinquishing this critical decision point from direct managers. This helps to increase the possibility of a more objective outcome.


3. Be proactive with your recruitment efforts.

Even when all the roles in your company have been filled, searching for candidates and building your talent pipeline should be an ongoing process. You don’t have to wait for a vacancy to open up before finding qualified talent to join your team. Look through your file of shortlisted candidates and take the time to canvass them.

Keep the lines of communication open. Don’t let the lack of vacancy or budget stop you from reaching out to potential performers. Having the right candidates on file will save you considerable time and resources when an opening does come up in the future. Your future self will thank you when that time comes.


4. Seek employees who will fit into the company culture.

People who genuinely believe in your company mission will naturally fit into the company culture. Having a supportive work environment populated by peers who share their passion will allow employees to put their best work forward and thrive within the organization.

Start by having a mission statement that perfectly reflects what your organization stands for, and communicate this regularly.


5. Attitude is more important than technical skills.

When it comes down to choosing between someone with a good work ethic versus the right skill set, the most successful businesses go for the former. Most technical know-how can be trained, but competencies, attributes and behaviours such as an individual’s personality cannot easily be changed to fit a role.

Overall, when it comes to finding the right candidate, attitude is a better gauge than the right skill sets. Technical know-how can be imparted, but a good work ethic is an innate quality that can’t easily be taught. Someone who is passionate about your brand will do whatever it takes to ensure that your company becomes a success.


Find ways to make people want to work for your organization so that good quality talent will want to join your team. Industry awards can increase your company’s profile, so make sure that you include these recognition programs in your marketing efforts to make it easier for talent to find you.