3 Reasons Why Locum Pharmacist Jobs Could Be Right For You

If you’re a Pharmacist looking for something different, being a locum should be on your radar.

Locum Pharmacist jobs are flexible, they pay well and give you a wide variety of experience.

So, if you’re looking for an opportunity, this could be the one for you. Keep reading to find out the 3 reasons why.

    1. Locum Pharmacist jobs are flexible

As more people are valuing freedom, locum Pharmacist jobs become an attractive option. With more control over your work, holidays and location, it could be the answer to your needs.

In this type of position, you have more control over your hours and the type of work you do. With a standard contract, you could be covering a wider range of work than you signed up for. Plus, your hours could be all over the shop. But, locum contracts give you exact outlines for the hours and type of work you sign up for.

As a bonus, you can take holidays whenever you like. If your locum is finishing, you just have to tell your agency that you’ll be taking a break. There will always be more work for you when you return. Just make sure you advise the agency the date when you will be ready to work again.

And, locum Pharmacist jobs keep your work-life fresh. Working where you want allows you to travel while still making great money, a perk most people miss out on.

    1. Locum Pharmacist jobs pay well

Locum Pharmacist jobs are also great for your bank account. You’re often paid more than a full-time wage and get better overtime rates.

As a locum, your starting pay is often higher than if you worked at the company full-time as a permanent employee. This is because you work as an independent contractor. According to Indeed, the national average for Pharmacist jobs is $44.17/hour. But, with an agency like LocumCo, you’re getting $46.94/hour. This is 11% above the national average.

Now, as a contractor, you need to take care of your invoices and make sure you are paid for your service. But, this is where an agency comes in. They can guide you on what is required.

As well as higher pay, you get better rates for those last-minute shifts. But, full-timers give this up in favour of moving up the ranks and gaining recognition for their hard work.

    1. You gain a variety of experience

Locum Pharmacist jobs allow you to grow both as a professional and a person. By gaining a variety of experience, you’re able to learn a lot along the way.

Given the flexibility of the work, you can choose your location. If you want to see more of Australia, all you have to do is find the next opportunity. This way, you can meet a lot of people and experience different cities.

Besides location, you get exposed to many work environments. Sometimes it’s not the job itself that you dislike, but the environment you work in. By experiencing them all, you get to decide which one is right for you.

So, when you combine all those experiences, you can see why being a Locum helps you grow.

So, whether you’re new or looking for a fresh start, locum Pharmacist jobs could be the ideal solution. With a high degree of flexibility, good pay and opportunity for experience, it’s hard to pass up the chance.

If you have any questions about locum Pharmacist jobs, get in touch with us, we’ll be glad to help. Or, if you’re interested in learning more, check out the latest news from LocumCo.