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Locum Job - 48043- Goonellabah-NSW

Locum pharmacist urgently needed in a friendly community pharmacy in the eastern suburb of Lismore. This town is approximately 200km south of Brisbane and 130 km from the Gold Coast

Dates/ Times:
Monday 27th November- Wednesday 29th November
* 8.30am - 6pm

Job Specifications:
Z Disp, 250 scripts, 1 webster packer, Intern. disp tech, OTP, great staff support. Rate: $70/hr + Super. Travel and Accommodation covered.

Please call -1800357001 or DM Pushpa
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Gulf Country QLD 48049
URGENT Locum Pharmacist needed for 2 weeks to start ASAP. This city lies on the north west of QLD and about 900km west of Townsville.

Dates & Times:
Wednesday 22nd November/ ASAP - Sunday 3rd December
* Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 6:00pm
* Saturday: 8:30am - 4:00pm
* Sunday 9am-1pm
Rotating roster on weekends.

Job Specifications:
Z Dispense, 150 - 250 scripts, 2nd Pharmacist most of the time and dispense technician when needed. Nursing homes. One of the pharmacists must have nursing home experience. Mon - Sun $90/hr + Super. Travel (fly anywhere), car for local use shared between the 2 pharmacists and Accommodation (fully furnished units - side by side) covered. Locum Must have ABN (working in 2 stores within the same group)
Please call 1800 357 001 or DM Asa
47314- South West Slopes
URGENT Locum/s needed in a town located only 3.5 hours drive from Sydney, 90mins from Canberra and located on the edge of the Riverina


4th Dec-9th Dec (Mon-Fri 9am-530pm, Sat 9am-12pm)
11th-16th Dec (Mon-Fri 9am-530pm, Sat 9am-12pm)
18th-23rd Dec (Mon-Fri 9am-530pm, Sat 9am-12pm
27th-30th Dec (Wed-Fri 9am-530pm, Sat 9am-12pm

Job Specifications:
Minfos, 250 scripts/day, sole pharmacist except on 2 days when second pharmacist, websters, Disp Tech, great staff support. Rate All hours $75/hr + super. $80 in the week before and after Christmas, Preferable can vaccinate but not essential . Travel and Accommodation covered

Please call 1800 357 001 or DM Catherine
Job- 47764- West Wallsend-NSW

This pharmacy is in the western suburbs of Newcastle and requires a locum from the region to cover shifts in November. 21km west of Newcastle.

Dates & Times:

Saturday 25th November 9:00 – 12:00

Job Specifications:
Z Disp, 150 Rx, Dis Tech, OTP, websters, $70/hr mid week, $75/hr Sat + super. Locals only need apply.

Please call 1800357001 OR DM PUSHPA
Job #48057 Inner West Sydney

This pharmacy requires a locum to work in this pharmacy located 3km south-west of CBD. They run OTP dosing and use Strongroom AI to manage this as well as enter and maintain the drug register for schedule 8 medicines, so competence with this software is a must. They use Corum LOTS as dispensing software and experience with this is also a must. Pharmacist will have overlap with our employed pharmacist until 4pm, so will have the opportunity of an uninterrupted half hour break.

Dates & Times:
Friday 24th November

* 10:00am - 8:00pm

Job Specifications:
LOTS Disp, ~250Rx, 10-15 OTP (see above), DA, Omnimed Suremed for DAA packing (experience preferable) Rate weekdays $70/hr + super. No unpaid parking in the area. Daily parking fees covered.

T: 02 9328 6300 or DM Sue
Locum Job- 48055- Orange-NSW

Locums needed in a pharmacy in Central West NSW. The pharmacy is located approximately 260km West of Sydney. Great staff support and friendly locals.

Dates & Times:
Monday Dec 11th 8.45-5.30
Sunday Dec 17th 10-4
Monday Dec 18th 9-5.30, Tues 19th 8.45-5.30, Wed 20th 8.45-5.30
Friday Dec 22nd 9-4, Sat 23rd 9-2, Sun 24th 9-4
Wednesday Dec 27th 9-4,

Job Specifications:
Fred Dispense, Weekday 150 scripts Sat 80 Rx, Sun 40 Rx, disp tech, great support staff, websters, pharmacotherapy (4 clients). Weekday $70/hr, Sat $75/hr, Sun $80/hr + Super. Travel (from NSW)

Please call 1800357001 OR DM PUSHPA
48067- Mid-North Coast
Locum needed in this pharmacy located 490km from Sydney and 430km from Brisbane.

Dates & Times:
Monday 27th November - Friday 8th December
* Monday- Friday
*9:00am - 5:00pm (1/2hr lunch break)

Job Specifications:
Z Disp, 250-300 scripts, second pharmacist, 2 Pharmacist, Dispense Tech, Websters Rate $70/hr + super + travel + accommodation.

Please call 1800 357 001 or DM Catherine
Locum Job- 48075- Tumbi Umbi-NSW

Locum needed to work 4 days in busy dispensary. 7km SW of The Entrance. Locum must be able to handle high script volume and methadone.

Date and Time:
Tuesday 9th January - 8am-6.30pm
Wednesday 10th January - 8am-6.30pm
Thursday 11th January - 8am-6.30pm
Friday 12th January - 8am-6.30pm

Job Specifications:
Minfos, 300+ scripts, 2nd pharmacist with 3 techs. Electronic OTP. Rate $70/hr + super. Travel if required.

Please call 1800357001 OR DM PUSHPA
48077- Gosford- Wyong
URGENT Locum needed to work in the Central Coast. This town is 1hr 20 mins north of Sydney CBD near The Entrance.

Dates & Times:

Friday December 15th – 830am-6pm

Job Specifications:
Minfos, 220-250 scripts, Sole pharmacist, Plenty of supporting staff including dispense techs, 2- 3 methadone, Weekday $70/hr + super. Travel if required.

Please call 1800 357 001 or DM Catherine
Locum Job- 48073- Central Coast-NSW

This busy Central Coast pharmacy requires a locum to work Fridays and Saturdays till the end of December and if permanent candidate not secured then also alternate Sundays. 4km north-east of Gosford.

Dates & Times:
Friday 1st December - Saturday 23rd December (or longer)
* Fridays 8:00am - 6:00pm
* Saturdays 9:00am - 4:30pm
* From January also alt Sundays 9:00am - 4:30pm

Job Specifications:
Minfos, 250 scripts, all staff can dispense, 5 OTP/day, check websters (250 patients). $75/hr Fri, $80/hr Sat, $85/hr Sun + super + travel.

Please call 1800357001 OR DM PUSHPA
Locum Job- 48010- TAS

URGENT Locum needed to work for 4 weeks. This town is located 1 hr from Hobart.

Date & Time:
Tuesday 2nd January to Saturday 27th January
* Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:30pm
* Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Job Description:
Z Disp, 150 - 200 scripts, disp tech, webster, methadonex3, great staff support. Weekdays-$70/hr, Sat -$75/hr + Super, Travel covered and Accommodation if required.

Please call 1800357001 OR DM PUSHPA
Locum Job- 48086- Northern-NSW

This town famous for its health-giving Artesian Spa requires a locum for various days in December and January. Try the locum and you might want to stay and become permanent! 480km Brisbane, 628km Sydney.

Dates & Times:
Wednesday 27th to Friday 29th December
Wednesday to Friday – 9am - 5pm or rosters tbc
Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th January
Monday to Thursday -9am -5pm or rosters tbc

Job Specifications:
Fred Dispense, 260 Rx weekday, 2nd Pharmacist. 2 Disp techs. Websters (checking only), Methadone experience (20 patients) 2 Pharmacy Assistant. Rate all hours $75/hr + super. Travel and Accommodation

Please call 1800357001 OR DM PUSHPA
Locum Job- 48087- Mackay area -QLD

URGENT Locum Pharmacist needed for 4 weeks or longer commencing from Monday 4th December in a friendly community pharmacy. The pharmacy is in a town 190 km SW Mackay. Ideally vaccinating pharmacist preferred.

Monday 4th to Saturday 30th December (or longer)
*Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6pm
*Saturday 8.30am - 1pm

Job Specifications:
Fred Disp, 250 scripts/day, 2nd Pharmacist, 3 x OTP, wesbsters, 2 dispense technicians, great staff support. Rate Weekdays - Saturday $75 + super. Travel and Accommodation.

Please call 1800357001 OR DM PUSHPA
48091- Central Coast
Locum pharmacist needed to work at a pharmacy on the Central Coast. This pharmacy has plenty of support staff. The pharmacy is about 1.5 hours north of Sydney CBD close to Erina.


Saturday 25th November - 9:00am - 6:00pm

Job Specifications:
Fred dispense, strong support staff, around 400 scripts, webster packs Second Pharmacist, robot, dispense technicians, no OTP, Rate $75/hr + Super. Travel if required.

Please call 1800 357 001 or DM Catherine
48092-- Richmond-Tweed
This coastal town in the Northern Rivers requires a locum. Only 20 minutes from Byron Bay!!!!

Dates & Times:

Monday 27th - Tuesday 28th November 8:30am - 6pm

Job Specifications:
Fred, 250 scripts, sole pharmacist, dispense technician, no OTP, no vaccinations, Rate Weekdays $70/hr + super + travel.

Please call 1800 357 001 or DM Catherine
48109- Sydney
This pharmacy requires a locum to work 1 day in this pharmacy located 3km south-west of CBD.

Dates & Times:
Monday 4th December - 9am-6pm

Job Specifications:
Z Disp, 100 Rx, 20x OTP, Disp techs. Methadone x40. Rate Weekday $60/hr, + Super . Parking is available behind the pharmacy for pharmacist only.

Please call 1800 357 001 or DM Catherine
48060- Richmond- Tweed
URGENT Locum needed for 1 day in a pharmacy located in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.822 km NE of Sydney, 133 km SSE of Brisbane, 31 km SW of Tweed Heads.

Dates & Times:

Saturday 2nd Dec - 8.30-1pm

Job Specifications:
Fred Disp, 200-300Rx Weekdays, 80Rx Saturday , 20x OTP, 2nd Pharmacist, 1-2 Disp techs Rate Sat $80/hr + Super, Travel if needed. NO accommodation provided.

Please call 1800 357 001 or DM Catherine
Urgent locum job- Lismore - 48120

URGENT Locum Needed to cover one shift in this pharmacy located 734 km NNE of Sydney, 200 km S of Brisbane.

Dates & Times:
Monday 4th December- 8:00am - 5:30pm

Job Specifications:
Minfos, 250 scripts/weekdays, 150 scripts/Saturday, 1 x Dispense technician, websters, 10 x OTP, No vaccinations. $75/hr + Super. Prefer local candidate. travel if required.

Please call- 1800357001- OR DM Pushpa
48121- Wollongong Area
Locum needed for 1 day in a busy pharmacy in the southern suburbs of Wollongong. This pharmacy is approximately 100km from Sydney CBD.

Dates and Times
Tuesday the 5th December 8.30-5.30pm

Job Specifications:
Dispense works, Sole Pharmacist, 120 scripts, DA. Rate $70/hr + super. travel covered if required Locum must have ABN.

Please call 1800 357 001 or DM Catherine
48122- Illawara
This beautiful South Coast holiday destination is in need of a locum for 1 day. Pharmacy approx 2.5 hrs Sydney.

Dates & Times:
Saturday 16th Dec 9am-12.30pm

Job Specifications:
Z software, 220 scripts, 2 x Dispense Technicians, great staff support. Rate- Sat- $75/hr + super. Travel & Accommodation covered.

Please call 1800 357 001 or DM Catherine