What Are Your 2014 Career Resolutions?

Contribution from Kirsty Ferguson, interview & resume expert


goalMost of us make the odd New Years resolution and they’re usually a combination of personal and a professional objectives, changes and improvements.

If you only make personal based resolutions, may I suggest you add a professional list to the process this year.


I suppose this has all come to mind in light of the GM Holden closure where thousands are facing redundancy and will need to reskill and perhaps more importantly, accept change in order to survive and thrive.


Everyone will handle this type of challenge or change quite differently. Some will embrace the change, some will resist it and others will remain passsive hoping something pops ups at the last minute or somebody else will provide a solution.

Which “change” personality are you? An outplacement service or recruitment agency will only do so much, what you do with potential funds and support offered is up to you. That’s why I suggest, whether you are facing redundancy or not, that you include “career resolutions”; giving you a plan, a focus and professional direction for the next 12 months.


Here are some suggestions what you could include in your 2014 New Years Career Resolution List:


  1. I’m going to find out what my talents and competencies are, and what roles they play in my career future.
  2. I will accept that I may need additional training or further education to attain a new role or to progress in my current job.
  3. I will take 2 new courses this year that will help me grow professionally and personally.
  4. I will seek out a Mentor, so that I may learn and be inspired by this persons example inside and outside the workplace.
  5. I will read at least two business or technical books this year.
  6. I will start or expand my professional network, connecting with like minded and industry specific people using social media and networking events.

Without a career plan or a set of career resolutions we are probably acting in a reactive mode rather than a pro-active mode. So whatever your professional situation, a plan is essential to move toward successful change and growth.


Happy New Year!


We thank each and every one of our clients for their support, their ability to embrace the training we offer at pinstripe and for inspiring us every day with their hard work and determination to get what they want out of their professional lives.

It is an honour to have worked with so many great people in 2013, looking forward to 2014!


Kirsty Ferguson