Tips for Pharmacy Owners and Managers:

  • Provide all relevant information for running the pharmacy, written down and left in an obvious place.
  • Consider keeping this information in a special locum file. Be clear about what you expect of your locums.
  • Leave reference sources such as the APF, Martindale etc and OTC Directories where they are easy to find.
  • Leave the computer instruction manual in an obvious place, with clear instructions on how to access the software, including any passwords and how to close down the system, with any backing up required at the end of the day.
  • Provide a list of all your staff, with their names, responsibilities and hours of work.
  • Leave information on what to do in case of emergencies (such as burglaries, floods, burst pipes) with telephone numbers (local police, glaziers, plumbers, locksmiths, burglar alarm company, etc).
  • Provide details about deliveries (which suppliers deliver at different times of day) and stock ordering (which are the preferred suppliers for different types of stock, deadlines for ordering and whether the supplier calls the pharmacy or vice versa).
  • Provide details on opening and closing procedures for the pharmacy, including operation of the burglar alarm and who holds the pharmacy keys.
  • Provide information on any regular Dangerous Drug prescriptions and when patients are expected to come for supplies.
  • Be clear about your system for charging for private prescriptions.
  • Leave instructions on your cashing up procedures, stating who is responsible and how often you expect cash to be taken to the bank.
  • Provide information on any services (such as nursing homes, collection and delivery services) and what you expect in terms of the locum’s involvement with these.
  • Provide information on the local GPs, including their surgery hours and telephone numbers.



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