Updated COVID Safe Plan


Please be aware we are still seeking clarification on Stage 4 restrictions and the COVID Safe Plan. These documents will be updated as required.

Metropolitan Melbourne Stage 4 – Permitted Worker Permit


Please see below the template issued by the Victorian State Government for use as permit for Pharmacy and other essential workers

  • The document does not need to be printed out: employees can present it on their phone and it can be signed electronically
  • Proprietors will need to fill this out for themselves also – they complete both sections
  • More than one permit may need to be filled out during the stage 4 restrictions – if employees’ shifts change for example

NOTE: Permitted Worker Template replaces the Employee Movement Letter Stage 4 template previously circulated by the Guild.

Permitted worker permit template

For Regional Victoria under Stage 3 restrictions, the Employee movement Template circulated previously is valid.

Employer obligations


As an employer of a workplace that remains open, there are new requirements for businesses.

Under Stage 4 restrictions you must have a COVID Safe Plan in place that is regularly updated (unless you are a small business with fewer than 5 employees)

Under the Stage 4 restrictions, workplaces that remain open must:

  • Ensure that any workers that can work from home are able to do so
  • Collect records of all workers, subcontractors, customers, and clients attending the work premises for 15 minutes or longer (COVID – 19 Safety Protocol V1)
  • One person per four square metres of enclosed workspace or in shared areas
  • Working across multiple sites, the employer must comply with DHHS directive* (see note below)
  • Ensure that workers are in good health – workers cannot work if they are unwell and employers must not require workers with symptoms to work
  • If your worker is unwell, send them home and direct them to be tested. They must stay home until they have their result
  • Report any positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) to DHHS, WorkSafe, Health and Safety Representatives, and notify your workforce (COVID-19 Guide)
  • Regularly clean and sanitise your facilities, shared spaces and provide additional cleaning supplies (sanitiser etc.)
  • Undertake risk assessments for cleaning and the potential closure of your workplace in certain situations. (COVID-9 Guide)

*Working across multiple sites

  • Each employer must determine who will be authorised to issue their employees a worker permit.
  • For an employer with multiple worksites, they may decide to designate an authorised person at each work site.
  • Employers should minimise any requirement for employees to work at different sites.
    An employee working at more than one site must keep a log of the places visited including date, time, and place of attendance. (refer to Multiple employers – Employer declaration template)

The COVID Safe Plan sets out:

  • The actions to help prevent the introduction of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace
  • The level of face-covering or personal protective equipment (PPE) required for your workforce (see face coverings template)
  • How you will prepare for, and respond to, a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace (COVID 19 GUIDE v3)

The plan demonstrates how you will meet all of the requirements set out by the Victorian Government. 

The Victorian Pharmacy Guild has provided the following guidelines and resources to assist you to meet your obligations.

COVID Safe Plan
(This template resource is provided as an example only, pharmacies should consider their individual circumstances and measures taken to manage their risk during the COVID pandemic and include in their COVID Safe plan accordingly.)

COVID 19 Safety Protocol – (pharmacy owners can edit to include other safety measures such as perspex screens)

COVID 19 Suggested Steps to Follow (Suspected/Confirmed case of COVID-19)

Permitted Worker Permit
(More info online)

Multiple employers – Employer declaration form

Guidance on Refusal of Entry and Notification to Authorities of Non-Compliance

Posters to display as part of your COVID Safe Plan
STOP Poster
Face Masks Poster
Waiting for results Poster
The above posters along with additional posters and social media resources are available online.

Face Coverings template policy